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Friday, April 18, 2008 still alive ;)

Thats pretty much my favoritest lil guy ever!! Drew and me

I'm not even sure if people read these things or not... but im bored, why not write?!
A lot has changed since I last wrote. I went back to school fall semester. It definitely had its ups and downs. I've been sitting out this Spring semester. Its been good...hard...trying.. and yeah...
I've been working at the coffee shop in town! I really enjoy that! My favorite part is definitely the free coffee!! I don't get the specialty drinks free...just the regular brewed coffee, but I do get discounts ;) I always come home wired on caffeine! It's a great job!! Then I also work at subway... and I get lotsa free food there! Thats what I go for... jobs with free things!
So thats what I'll be doing this summer...and hopefully going back to school in the fall. But we shall see about that...
I'm SO looking forward to being an aunt!! Oh my goodness am I excited about that!! The baby is due 2 days after my bday!! (I'm really hoping its a lil early!! That'd be nice!)
Actually... thats about all I can think of. I dont really know what else to say. Not too much else is going on.Oh...thats just me!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Almost there

Well.. You know the summer is coming to an end when summer staff start leaving. 3 have left now. More to leave within the next week. I leave on the 20th. I'm very excited to go home and get into a somewhat normal schedule if I can. But yet I am going to miss being here and all my friends here and my totally messed up schedule of staying up till 6am....sleeping till 3pm...going to work all afternoon...staying up till 6am....sleeping till 3pm...going to work all afternoon...and so on! Those are the days of the Findley Center! It's such a wasted day but yet we have great times here!! SO many memories!! The lessons I've learned here will be with me always. God has been so real to me this summer. He has been showing me how selfish I am and has been teaching me to put others first but most importantly Him first. Its been hard...and frustrating...but very good. This job is definitely a job of putting others first. Sometimes I just want to blow up at the residents and tell them to wait for what they want because I'm doing something I want to be doing or because I just simply don't feel like doing something for them because I'm too lazy. It often makes me think of my parents. Parents actually do have a hard job of parenting! And being in charge of people... helps me to see that when my parents did say no, it wasn't just because they wanted to see me get mad or that they enjoyed the pleasure of not letting me do something they knew I wanted to do, they actually had reasons that I may not have understood at the time. It's so weird! Yes, sometimes I feel like a parent with my residents! My parents are awesome!! Pretty sure I've taken them for granted!! Thank you mom and dad for all you've done for me and for not being afraid to say no! I love you guys!!This picture just cracks me up!! This is one of my ladies... Ruth!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bables Last Night....

Last night was a hard night at work in Unit 5. Kathy Bable (pretty much everyones favorite little old lady) had her last night here at Shepherds. She had to go home this morning at 4am because Shepherds can no longer give her the care that she needs. The past two weeks she has been in the hospital and then last night she showed up!!! I was so glad that I at least got to work with her one more time before she had to head out. Shes the cutest and funniest thing ever! So we got to have a party for Bable!! It sure was a fun night!!! But yet hard saying goodbye and hard packing up her things.The cake was incredibly hard to cut!!

heres me and Bable!!

Amanda Wright and me~ The 2 LSIs working that night

amanda, angie (another lady from unit 5)
and me just havin some fun!!
Angie is the hardest person to deal with...shes such a brat!! But shes really good if you get a camera in front of her face! lol! so we basically did this all night!THE END!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Good Ole Days

I wrote my last post and then mom emailed me this picture and it's exactly how I remember things!! haha! This picture is the Ehlingers and us camping. One of our yearly outings!its a small pic i know...
but here we are in order...
me, caleb, bethany, miranda, steph and brennan

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

summer has come and past...almost I just wrote this huge long blog and then my computer went crazy and deleted it and yeah... ugh! It angers me!
It's been way too long since I've posted. My summer is almost over! Mom told me today that she is coming to get me in about 27 days or something like that! Ahhh how I long for that day. I mean I love being here and I love my job and everything but I love my home and family even more!
This summer has been full of "news" for me. New responsiblities. What I'm doing this summer if you would have told me a couple months ago that this is what I'd be doing this summer, I would have laughed and said something like I would never do that... I can't see myself doing that. I mean...I'm a stinkin LSI (Living Skills Instructor)
I'm basically in charge of 9 ladies (depending on the day and which unit I'm working in) and I help them out in their every day needs. Such as showering, eating, dressing, well you get it.... basically EVERYTHING! I literally am in charge of their lives. I control all of their medications. I could serioiusly kill someone by not giving them their meds...or giving them too much or not enough. It's really a scary thought!! It sometimes is a really stressful job but yet I LOVE it and I love my ladies!! They have taught me so much this summer! So thats pretty much my job life. Outside of that isn't all that exciting. It pretty much consists of sleepin till about 3pm...eating...and playing Halo 2 till the early hours of the morning!
It's crazy to think how fast my life is going by! I'm going to be a sophmore at Nland this summer. Which I still don't even believe! I mean really...a COLLEGE! weird!
And then to think that my sister is married?!! When did she get that old? When I really think about it, memories of our past flash through my mind. Memories of us in our younger days... I can remember like it was just yesterday Bethany being her tomboy self with her baggy clothes and baseball hat. Oh and don't forget the fanny pack!! haha! The 3 of us trudging through the woods, looking for the perfect place for our new fort! Ahh those were the good ole days! Where did they go?!
Me and Bethany at the bachelorette party!!
The girls-minus Klarissa
maid of honor and best man!
for some reason i cant get it to be non underlined here. ugh.

Me and one of my favorite reisdents~Jimmy!

OK so one day I decided to actually grill out and make supper since it's one thing I miss terribly from home. I made these porkchops and oh my gosh! They were amazazing!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

home away from home...

Somehow I found myself in Milwaukee for the summer...trying to make a home away from home. I'm working at Shepherds home for the mentally disabled. It's a stretch from anything I've ever done before. But so far I am enjoying it and having a lot of fun with the residents!! Last night at work, I played twister with 2 older ladies and then played some LONG games of Sorry!! It was so fun!! There are 2 ladies that I just fell in love with right away. Heidi and Robin. They are 2 ladies that my boss told me will have the hardest time adjusting to someone new and I might not ever get a chance to really know them or spend time with them. They were both at my side the entire night and we had a blast together. Each night the ladies have a time of devotions and they asked me if I would join them in their devotion time so I did and it was just an awesome time!!
So I'm living in the office building. The upstairs is a housing unit. It's kind of weird because it houses guys and girls and for this week it's only Ken Everson and me here. I can't wait until next week when my friend Christy comes. (we will be rooming together) Once she gets here I won't be so bored!!
So that's what I'm doing this summer. I'll be going home for not quite a week before Bethany's wedding and then heading back here like right after it and then going home again about a week before school starts up. So yup...that is pretty much the lastest about me. Heres a picture of me and my friend Christy Miner who I'll be rooming with this summer!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

i just cant seem to keep up

So im not exactly sure what happened with my last blog but all of the sudden the comment thing went away and now a picture is gone. oh well. i dont know how to fix it! So the whole skiing thing turned out to be awesome!! and i actually never touched skies. i went snowboarding! the ski lift was alright! i mastered that thing!! haha! at first my instuctor and i did not get along and he wouldnt let me pass the bunny hill test and so i went and found a different instructor to sign my paper! haha! it was great!! i ended up going down some black diamonds and stuff....pretty sweet stuff!!
Last week my best friend from here had to leave because of some things going on back home. That was REALLY hard for me. still is. I did EVERYTHING with her and now...i never know what to do. People that i never really hung out with tho are really befriending me. its pretty sweet! Today i had my first D review EVER! i went from 38 d's down to 13! haha! my sister and roommate had one today too and they couldnt get any taken off! oh man im good! lol!
its missions conference here this week and its been REALLY good so far. I love hearing missionaries speak about the places they are missionaries to. i love this whole week!!
Tonight my roommates and I are going out for pizza at main street!! i LOVE that place! the best pizza is just a regular pizza with one olives!! mmmmm! alright well i think they are waiting for me now to leave. so im leaving!! ta ta for now.